Cuck ‘Em All 4

Cuck 'Em All 4
A couple of weeks ago Marcello’s wife let him know she was taking off to London for a bit of relaxation at a spa and she did not want him to come with her. He understood. She needed some alone time. Well the poor sap is shaken to the core when she returns home with a football hooligan that apparently she had been shagging all over London as they ran up his credit card. To top matters off she brings him back to stay with them and has the muscle-bound bully fuck the hell out of her in front of him and he is made to watch. Damien comes home from work and finds another man’s car in his driveway. Hmmm, wonder who is here? He was not expecting company. Walking into the house he soon hears noises emanating from his master bedroom. Who could be home with his wife? He discovers to his shock and chagrin her wife getting filled full of cock from another derelict she has brought home. This woman has no shame. Poor David. His life really is shit. Every woman he marries ends up abusing him. He’s like on old carpet people constantly walk on. It’s not his fault he has been sick and unable to be a man. Can’t she just take care of him? Nope. His latest wife Kate has already grown to hate him so much she has decided to try a career in porn. Plenty of good cock to get and the added benefit of embarrassing David in front of his entire family. A couple seeks the help of a therapist to help them through a very troubled patch in their marriage. It seems Lauren has been cheating nonstop on her husband D. Apparently she does not find him much of a man and feels he has no balls. Being a very seasoned and educated therapist, Dr. Rock tries to calm the situation and let the upset couple air their feelings. Turns out all the wife wants to do is fuck other men and humiliate her husband as she has Dr. Rocks’ cock down her throat hallway through the session and is soon pounding always.
Series: Cuck 'Em All
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