Be The Cuck 2

Be The Cuck 2
You go upstairs to the master bedroom looking for your wife, Rachael Cavalli. It's empty, but from another room, you can hear the sound of her voice with a man. Hiding in the closet, you watch your wife, leading a naked and muscular man, Nathan Bronson. You're led to an elegant suite by your beautiful partner, India Summer. Dressed in sexy lingerie, she starts by teasing you but she gets interrupted by the door, it’s Zac Wild and Ricky Johnson. India says that maybe she wasn't clear, but this threesome's for HER. When you haul yourself out of bed, you find your brother, Sam Strong, cooking breakfast with your wife. Ashley suggests that you should all play truth or dare, for old time's sake. Sam asks you if you've ever fantasized about someone else fucking your wife. She is surprised when you shyly nod your head.
Studio: Adult Time
Series: Be The Cuck
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