Sexy Oto Useda is laying on the bed with his girlfriend as they enjoy a magazine. It is no surprise that the girl is more interested in the sexy Oto than the magazine, feeling over his back as he reads. She straddles Oto and tries to distract him as he rubs his shoulders and kisses his neck. Moving to the side she pulls down his underwear a little to kiss and spank that sexy ass. Then she completely removes Oto's underwear and spanks that ass. She continues to spank that sexy ass and leans down to kiss it too. Turning Oto over so she can kiss his nipples too. She sucks on Oto's pert nipples. Moving down to Oto's cock she soon has it rock hard as she sucks and wanks it.. Moving Oto she blindfolds him and he holds his legs in the air to show off his tight hole. She gives the ass a few spanks as he sucks on Oto's balls and rubs his hot hole. That sexy ass has a rosy glow as she spanks it some more while sucking the balls and wanking that big cock. Then Oto's tight holel feels the push of a toy as it slide deep into his ass. The girl fucks his ass with the dildo as she wanks his hard cock. Taking a larger toy she opens that ass even wider whilst continuing to wank the cock. That hot ass is spanked as the toy fucks the hole. Oto raises that ass high in the air to get more of the toy deep inside. The girl keeps fucking and spanking the hot ass, using a finger too. Then Leo lays flat on the bed and has his clamped nipples pulled and slapped. His big cock stands pround as he feels his nipples being abused. The girl grabs the big dick and wanks it. Then all attention is on that big cock as it is wanked hard until it shoots the hot, creamy, cum.
Studio: William Higgins
Series: CFNM
Director: William Higgins
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