Ball Battered Bitch

Ball Battered Bitch
Mistress Eden uses slave sean for a whole 53 minutes in this ball battering adventure. First Mistress Eden has the piece of meat tied to a pole in his pantyhose. She laughs at his hands tied above his head and his feet on a stretcher bar. The bound submissive can’t move while Mistress Eden uses his balls as a punching, kicking and slapping toy. When She tires of having him beaten on the pole she has him tied to a bench at floor level. From that point Mistress Eden shows off her CBT skills by using hose to string his balls up and as he licks Her 4 inch high heeled laced up shoe, she yanks on his swollen and constricted balls. He screams and squirms with all the pain Mistress Eden inflicts on his useless body. She uses the point of Her heel to poke at the swollen balls as he winces in pain. She finally has the submissive sean strapped to a horse where She uses a 8 inch strap on to fuck his worthless ass. Eventually She takes off the strap on and starts to milk his cock. She works him for quite some time until She instructs the useless sub to squirt his juice into the dog bowl waiting on the floor.
Director: Steve Lake
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