Pathetic Little Floor Mat: Episode 1 Dylan Deap

Divine Bitch: Ms. Kim
Slave: Dylan Deap

Dylan Deap officially starts his training with one of our newest Divine Bitches, Ms. Kim. Ms. Kim is always looking to replace her 24/7 slave at home. Does Dylan even stand a chance? Ms. Kim puts him through the paces in challenging bondage, cat-o-nine tails and cock bondage. She even makes him cattle prod his own balls multiple times to prove his devotion. Dylan is fucked deep in the ass in suspension bondage then used for Ms. Kim's pleasure. She does foot and stocking tease, small penis humiliation, rubs his tied up cock on her pussy and denies him access. Don't worry Ms. Kim still gets off but only while Dylan is so close to Ms. Kim's pussy yet so far away. DENIED ACCESS!

Dylan has just begun. Return to Divine Bitches to see how his fate unfolds with the next Divine Bitch!

Maitresse's Evaluation


  1. prove devotion
    conquer the cattle prod
  2. intense anal training
    strap-on in suspension bondage
  3. objectification
    disregard his personality with use of hoods

Closing assessment

  • pain slut
  • anal training promising
  • continue training as an object
  • cock proved to be useless
  • train mouth for pleasure

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