Chained in the Air and Brutalized

We're bringing back Vivienne Del Rio for the last installment of our recent shoot. Some interesting facts you might like to know about this strong and sexy lady: she was a champion weight lifter as a child, she is our stylist here at Kink, and she is really fucking tough.

Vivienne mentioned that she loves a challenge, so we create a custom device from chain and pipe to suspend her fantastic body in the air, spread wide. Not only does she look amazing, but this bondage is extremely strenuous.

In addition to the physical stress, we're going to fuck with Vivienne's mind. We make her wear black-out goggles, because nothing enhances fear like a little sensory deprivation. We cattle prod our sweet lady in her most tender bits, teasing her with the sound of it. When she is thoroughly tormented, we ask her to present her pussy for the prod, but give her the Hitachi instead. We watch as her orgasm wracks her hanging, helpless body. Then we zipper her straight down the middle of her torso from neck to cunt. We fill her with a dick and wait as the Hitachi rips orgasm #2 from our exhausted little friend. Then it's time to pull that zipper.
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