It’s, like, perfect.

Lylith Lavey is gorgeous in that tall, lithe, big-titted pornstar way. What' makes her even sexier is that she's hornier than a bitch in heat and down for exploring her submissive side. We've had fun with her before, and this time we push that hot body even further to keep things interesting.

We make good use of her flexibility, creating a custom metal device to keep her in a strenuous scorpion position. We bind her upper body to the floor, bend her back and up at the waist into a lovely arch that leaves her ass, pussy and feet up in the air. We have easy access to these tender, lovely bits, and she can't see anything we're doing. We bolt down Alpha, filling her dripping pink cunt with our powerful fucking machine.

This girl is utterly helpless. We tickle and rubber band those pretty feet, flog that amazing ass, and watch her squirm and wiggle. Alpha is aimed precisely on her g-spot sparing no mercy until we are satisfied.
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