Chastity Tease and Denial: "Hump the Air Bitchboy" Episode 3

Divine Bitch: Goddess Aiden Starr
Bitchboy: Jason Miller

Slave Jason Miller is one step closer to serving Maitresse Madeline but not one step closer to freedom. His useless piece of meat is still locked away in chastity. He's flogged, spanked and weights hang from his gigantic, boiling over balls. His ass is fucked deep by an enormous strap on cock then his breath taken away by Goddess Aiden Starr's perfect ass mounted right on his face. Maybe she feel sorry for him, who knows, but she actually takes this bitchboy out of chastity to fuck him with the high powered fucksall rubber pussy. Precum oozes from the tip of his dick. But, Goddess Aiden never lets him cum. Instead she soaks his dick and balls in a bucket of ice water. Jason pleads for his freedom while Goddess Aiden laughs hysterically and stuffs his aching prick back in the cage then throws away the key forever!

Slave Jason is on his way. Will he have what it takes to satisfy Maitresse?

Maitresse's Evaluation


  1. improve posture
    much improved posture
  2. quit incessant whining
    whining went to a dull moan
  3. endure bondage
    still lacks flexibility for bondage

Closing assessment

  • remain in chastity
  • suggest stretching techniques for bondage
  • pain tolerance and processing improving from day one
  • devotion is evident
  • suggest endurance and strength testing next

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