Part 2 of 4 of the April Live show.

Live Show Mondays brings you part two of the April live show that featured Felony, Darling, and sexy co-top Isis Love.

Felony is on the couch, resting from the first scene and Darling is pulled out of the cage for the next ordeal. An ordeal that will leave Darling mindless and speaking in tongues.

Omega, does it again, no girl is ever prepared for the fucking this machine can deliver. Time after time we watch girls get destroyed by orgasm after orgasm by this machine. Darling is no exception.

Darling barely feels the Zippers rip of her body as Omega is fucking her fast and deep, Darling has entered sub space and the pitiful moans and gibberish that comes from her mouth hole is, well pathetic. She join the ranks of Felony and Rain DeGrey, as the machine fucks her to oblivion and beyond.
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