OMEGA fucks another tiny brunette into sub space!

Welcome Seda to her first regular Device Bondage shoot. Seda was in a live show sometime ago but has never done the studio shoot.

Seda has such a cute little ass and body we decided to showcase it. So we locked her hard into a metal custom bondage device, hand crafted, just for her body. To make the situation even worse, we pressed her tiny tits down onto the spikes of an office mat. With each little move of her body she feels the pain from the spikes.

Then we put one of our best fucking machines (OMEGA) into her small tight pussy. OMEGA is one of the most powerful fucking machines on the planet. The machine makes girls cum even if they never cum from penetration. It vibrates at a high frequency that makes ANY girl cum and cum and cum. Every girl fucked by this machine has begged for the orgasms to stop, every one of them!
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