Wenona, Jessie Cox, and Isis Love Part 1 of 4 of the March Live Show.

Live Show Mondays brings you the start of the March live show that featured Wenona, Jessie Cox, and sexy co-top Isis Love.

We start this live BDSM shoot with the memberships favorite escape game. Both girls are tightly bound, elbows touching, legs tightly bound together, with pantyhose over there heads, gagged and blindfolded. They have 5 minutes to escape. The winner gets an orgasm. The loser gets heavily flogged.

Both girls are then put into an amazing two girl custom metal bondage piece. Wenona is spread wide with her arms painfully bound up and behind her. Jessie is bound spread under her, with her mouth pushed up and held onto Wenona's shaved, wet pussy.

Wenona suffers nipple torture, heavy flogging, foot caning and severe cane strokes to the legs all the while Jessie is made to lick Wenona's pussy. Jessie is then vibrated and not allowed to cum, until she is mindless with sexual energy. This scene is long and is a must see as Isis Love teases Jessie's pussy to the edge of sanity. This is just the start of the amazing 3 hour long live show we shot in March.
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