Fresh Meat: Episode 2 "Thank You Mistress Bobbi"

Divine Bitch: Mistress Bobbi Starr
Slave: Mickey Mod

Mistress Bobbi Starr is perfection with natural beauty and the brains to match. She's the girl next door who you fantasize about and are intimidated to approach. Thankfully for us she's also a sadistic bitch and horny as hell! Coy submissive Mickey Mod is on his second day of training and Mistress Bobbi doesn't hold back. She humiliates and tortures him by making him wear painful high heels while being spanked, paddled and plugged with an electrified buttplug. She administers CBT and hotwax while fucking him in the ass with a dildo attached to the heel of her boot! Bobbi uses his hard dick while he is in uncomfortable bondage to get herself off then leaves him used, abused and denied.

Come back to follow Mickey's training and see if he can progress to serve on the prestigious Upper Floor!

Maitresse's Evaluation


  1. fears
    conquer fear of electricity in order to be confident and at ease in any situation
  2. gratitude
    used as a motivator for behavior
  3. objectify
    used as a tool for sex

Closing assessment

  • easily and confidently faces fears and the unknown
  • increased gratitude
  • not good as a tool for sex if put in uncomfortable bondage
  • cock readiness 50/50 track record
  • lock in chastity for training day 3 as motivating factor

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