Training of a Houseboy: Episode 4 "Objectify"

Divine Bitch: Goddess Aiden Star
Slave: Kade

Kade has almost made it the full stretch of training with the Divine Bitches but before he can graduate to the Upper Floor with Maitresse he must endure his final Bitch, Goddess Aiden Star. Aiden is sexy as ever flogging and caning Kade's bare ass. She objectifies him with a bag and a box over his head which subjects him to sensory deprivation while feeding a fat strap-on cock into his slaveboy ass. Weight is hung from his balls in the form of six pairs of high heels then used for his man meat and fed his own slime after he blows his dirty load. This update includes CBT, objectification, sensory deprivation, caning, nipple torture, strap-on fucking and cum eating instruction.

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Maitresse's Evaluation


  1. behavior modification
  2. cock abilities
  3. joy of serving

Closing assessment

  • even with cock ring still needs further cock readiness training
  • understands own body and capabilities well
  • learning to put needs of others above his to fully enjoy serving
  • train proper serving protocol for Upper Floor parties

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