Ashley Jane, Ally Ann, and Princess Donna Part 3 of 4 of the November Live show

Live Show Mondays brings you part three of the November live show that featured Ashley Jane, Ally Ann, and special guest co-top Princess Donna.

This update starts with the end and cool down of last week's scene, then we begin to set up for the next predicament. Ally is made to play with a hard cock and the Princess fingers the helpless Ashley at will.

Soon both girls are bound again, Ashley against the wall with an electric stim buried up her wet shaved cunt. Ally is strappado and spread wide, her 19yr old pussy helpless against the huge dildo and vibrator we are going to jam inside.

Now to the fun part, the electric stim in Ashley's pussy is sound activated! The other half is taped to Ally's chest and now it's time to make Ally scream. The louder Ally screams, the harder Ashely gets her poor cunt hole shocked.

The big problem here is Ally can't stop cumming. Every orgasm is more intense and louder, she can't keep quiet and Ashley is getting shocked to hell. Yes, we cane Ally's feet and flog her hard, but the fact that the vibrator is doing the most damage is amazing to see.
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