Training of a Hellhound Episode: 2

Divine Bitch: Miss Dia Zerva
Dogboy: Derrick P

Dogboy Derrick P has progressed to his second day of training with Divine Bitch Miss Dia Zerva. Maitresse Madeline's convinced she will never find a proper hellhound to serve her on The Upper Floor. Derrick P is put away in the dog cages of The Armory not knowing when someone will unlock him. When someone finally does it's drill sergeant Miss Dia. She trains dogboy with flogging and proper pussy licking. When he doesn't get it right he's beaten with a rolled up newspaper like dogs often are. Miss Dia stretches dogboys ass with a fist and uses his cock for her pleasure. He fails miserably and is made to eat his own cum off of the rolled up newspaper!

This hot update includes flogging, oral servitude, fisting, cum eating instruction, CFNM and dog boy training!

Don't miss the rest of dogboy's training as he continues on to episode 3 at Divine Bitches!

Maitresse's Evaluation


  1. Grace
    learn to have elegance or beauty of form, manner, motion, or action
  2. To be used for entertainment
    train to be fisted for amusement

Closing assessment

  • elegance and form messy and unsure
  • relatively useless cock
  • anal fisting was promising but needs more training
  • still lacks endurance

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