At 19yrs old Tara Lynn Fox is helpless, upside down and has a fucking machine buried in her hot cunt. Her Dad would so proud.

Now here is something you don't see ever day. An inverted suspension, with a fucking machine. If any one has ever seen this before anywhere please tell us, I would like to know who else had the creativity, knowledge, and determination to pull this off. I want to shake their hand.

Poor little Tara, once again naked, helpless and made to cum. She gets flogged, her nipples get abused, and a machine fucks her brains out. She has so many orgasms ripped out of her body, that she can't think straight. She drives right into sub space and parks. That machine is ruthless in its pounding of her wet hungry cunt.

We love helpless cumming 19yrs old more then life itself.
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