DragonLily The Hardest Predicament Of All

Dragon is in great shape, she is one of the premier wrestlers at Ultimate Surrender. She can wrestle for 24 minutes and not be out of breath. If you think that is not amazing I dare most of you to run out to get your mail and back without breathing hard.

So we put Dragon in this ridiculous predicament position. Legs in a squat, unable to straighten up. Head pulled back to an ass hook. Go ahead -- stand like that at home, squat down, pull your head all the way back; it sucks, huh? We also have a waist chain so she can bend lower, but that would be cheating.

Now we watch this girl suffer in real time, how much can she take, how long can she stand there. She can't physically move up or down, she has to hold the same position. Her legs BURN, her neck BURNS, her back BURNS, she screams in pain, she begs to be released, she suffers!

Oh yeah, while all this is going on, let's make her jack off the help. Get that cock hard and make it cum bitch -- we love watching you suffer!
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