The Training of a Houseboy: Episode 1

Divine Bitch: Miss Dia Zerva
Worm: Kade

Kade has already gone through two days of training with Maitresse Madeline yet with new protocol in place Kade is made to start from the beginning and go through to determine whether or not he can serve on The Upper Floor. Maitresse decides that since he has served her in the past she will come down to the dungeon to assist Miss Dia in Kade's first day. His mouth is washed out with soap before he is even allowed to pleasure Madeline's pussy. He is caned for encouragement. Exercise torture is incorporated with ass worship. He's bound and has his cock used while getting fucked with a dick on a stick then left drained covered in his own filth!

Don't miss the rest of Kade's episodes here at Divine Bitches! Come back and see if this slut has what it takes to serve on the prestigious Upper Floor!

Maitresse's Evaluation


  1. physical health and conditioning
    quit smoking
  2. excercise torture
    gain endurance
  3. multi-tasking
    learn to efficiently multi task

Closing assessment

  • did not have a cigarette for 12 hours after training session
  • endurance was promising
  • up difficulty factor
  • eager to service a woman's ass but still much too messy and impatient
  • was able to keep cock hard, get fucked anally, and cum when told to do so

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