The Training of a Hellhound: Episode 1

Divine Bitch: Mistress Ashley Fires
Worm: Derrick P.

Mr Acworth and Mr Mogul introduced Maitresse Madeline during an Upper Floor party as the female house dominant in charge of training submissive men. She was ushered in on a throne by two hellhound slave boys who fiercely protect her. Maitresse is looking for another hellhound and Mistress Ashley Fires begins training the first possible candidate pup Derrick P the lifestyle dogboy who thinks he has what it takes. The pound hound is scrubbed down, paddled and made to worship ass. He is made to get his mistress off over and over again. Mistress Ashley takes on the last training goal by ramming dogboy in the ass deep with a strap-on cock. Mistress Ashley gets hers but does she give dogboy permission to release or is he left fucked and denied?

Be sure to watch all of Derrick's episodes here at Divine Bitches and see if he does indeed have what it takes!

Maitresse's Evaluation


  1. protection with appropriate aggressive behavior
    turn dogboy from a Chihuahua to a Doberman
  2. service
    learn to properly serve a woman's ass
  3. strength and endurance
    please a women for extended periods while taking pain and other distractions
  4. anal training
    take a women's cock for her amusement

Closing assessment

  • long way to go before he will serve as a hellhound on The Upper Floor
  • failed to protect, not appropriate aggressive behavior like a Chihuahua
  • eager to service a woman's ass but still much to messy and impatient
  • eager to prove his strength and endurance when pleasing a woman to orgasm
  • lacks grace
  • anal training was promising

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