Mellanie Monroe A tribute to the classic Insex (1999-2001)

Welcome Mellanie Monroe - hot and tan with huge natural breasts. She is one of our hottest sexually charged MILFS.

It is no secret that Matt Williams worked for Insex during the golden years. Much of his aesthetic and style was born working for PD over the years. So today we give tribute to the art that was born from the mind of PD. The classic big titted blond, the tight breast bondage, the chair, the position of the model. But more famously the tape gag, pantyhose mask and black tape around the eyes. So today we give honor where honor is due.

The similarities stop at the art however - in today's update Mellanie suffers not hard impact play or hard SM torture, but sexual torture. She is made to cum, over and over, breath play and orgasm after orgasm leaves this MILF wrecked and wondering what the fuck just happened. Sub space is an amazing phenomenon.
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