Ariel X and Mellanie Monroe "Hey after wrestling do you two want to come down stairs?"

Ariel X and Mellanie had an Ultimate Surrender match, and we though it would be fun to take them downstairs after the match, they just looked so cute together. Lets welcome Mellanie to Device Bondage.

We bind Ariel all spread and helpless, with her hands tied to Mellanie's neck. We got Mellanie and her big boobs all bound and spread. This is Mellanie's first hardcore bondage shoot and she's a touch nervous.

Now we fuck with Mellanie's head as we abuse Ariel X, she has no idea how tough Ariel is and we freak her the fuck out with how hard we're hitting Ariel. The mindfuck is beautiful and so real to watch. Now Mellanie thinks she is going to get it as hard or harder and she is scared to death.

What happens next? There's only one way to find out...
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