Mason, Winter Sky and Christina Part 4 of 4 of the July Live Feed

Live Show Mondays brings you the conclusion of the July live show that featured Mason, Winter Sky and special guest co-top Christina Carter.

Our girls are tired, worn out and spent, so lets stress them one more time. After 3 hours they are ready to drop, now is the time to push. One more scene, one more struggle.

Both girls are bound on sybians, the most powerful vibrator in the world. This evil tool of pleasure will make anyone cum whether they want to or not, but it doesn't stop at one. Girls are helpless to stop the orgasm that this device can rip from a body. When your bound down on it, it can be torturous!

To add some spice, we tie Winter's hands to a strap that is tied around Mason's neck. If Winter can't keep her hands up she will slowly choke out Mason, who is is busy cumming like a whore and can't stop. Winter struggles, but in the end her own orgasms weaken her and the strap on the neck gets tighter and tighter...
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