Face to Face (Live, Part 1)

Charlotte Vale and Samantha Sin are treated to a session of severe bondage concentrated on their heads, mouths and faces.

Charlotte's fate is to suffer helplessly on her knees, arms bound behind her and neck tightly chained down to a thick wooden post that rises up between her knees. The post is not quite high enough to allow Charlotte to sit up straight and not quite short enough for her to rest back on her heels, making it impossible for her to find a position that provides even a small bit of relief. Compounding her predicament is a steel ring gag between her teeth, locking her jaw wide open and mouth ready for use.

Samantha fares little better. She is fitted with a strict ball gag head harness and blindfold that keeps her quiet, blinded and under control. An inflatable dildo and butt plug are stuffed into her cunt and asshole, strapped in securely and pumped up to the max as she squirms on the ground trying to cope with the intense sensation of tightness and fullness as the inflatables keep her holes stretched to the limit.
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