Sticky Hot Wrap Trap

In a shoot that features some of the best photographic documentation to date, Dia Zerva is wrapped tight in cling wrap, and trapped laying flat on a board strapped down exceptionally tight with clear belts. cyd slices holes in her see through prison to get at her nipples and clit, which he torments mercilessly, first suctioning blood into them to make them swollen, tender and hyper sensitive, before he splashes them with hot liquid wax, and setting off a train reaction of intense sensations in Zia's head.

With her exposed bits covered in wax, cyd steps up the intensity, encasing her head in a tight rubber gas mask that seals against the skin of her face, emphasizing her helplessness and making Zia feel under total control as he plays with her, cutting off her oxygen now and again with the palm of his hand.
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