Pole Position

Sara Faye manages to endure a painful and challenging Device Bondage shoot. Clamped to horizontal metal rods that hold her body upright and secure her neck and feet in position, she is slapped, tit-clamped, pinched, gagged, and groped with some facial contortion thrown in for good measure. That's just the warm up.

Next she finds herself strapped down on her back, legs spread gynocologically wide for a good pussy flogging. Her wet cunt receives a thick dildo and covers it in juices, which she soon gets to taste as the dildo's next destination is her mouth, locked wide open with a big ring gag.

Last, she spends some quality time in a increasingly uncomfortable stress position strapped to a 6 by 6 wooden post with her tongue clamped and tied off while she is caned and tickled - every attempt at evasive movement on her part serving only to increase the severity of her predicament.
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