Sabrina Fox is twisted, contorted and locked down into one severe position after another. Cyd Black designs each scenario to make it harder for Sabrina to breathe, while at the same time ratcheting up the intensity and pain with no mercy, except to provide the desperate and helpless girl an orgasm.

She is bound on her back, with her knees pulled up tightly to her chest level, compressing her torso and leaving her cunt wide open for access. She's bound on her stomach and made to arch her back as Cyd holds a leather strap bound around her neck. He uses it to control her, pulling back hard on it to make her to arch up or choke and giving her slack just as she is on the edge of terror to gasp air into her oxygen starved lungs before he pulls her up again. Finally, she is strapped into a brutal version of a clam tie, her upper arms attached to her thighs and her neck to her ankles. Again she suffers and struggles to breathe, with Cyd constantly raising the bar, this time with extremely painful tiny clamps that he places all over the most sensitive areas of her exposed skin before roughly brushing them all off.

Sabrina earns her rare orgasms from Cyd only as a means for him to increase the pressure as the flood of pleasure temporarily provides a release from her torment.
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