Julie Night Live, Part 2

Julie Night Live, Part 2

Poor Julie. Sadistic members requested that cyd smear his infamous lava sauce on her cunt as soon as the show started. Her flesh puffed up, red, raw and aflame, seconds after the application. She screamed and begged for it to stop - but once the sauce is on there is nothing to do but ride it out. You can't safeword a chemical reaction, and if there's an antidote, no one knows what it is.

With her cunt out of commission, other parts of her body bear the brunt of her torment. Hot wax, ass hook, harness gag, she is subjected to them all. When she can't take it any more, cyd shifts his attention to Devaun who he makes endure one stress position after another. Finally, with both girls exhausted, he allows the girls to eat each other out for some relief.

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