Bobbi's shoot was an experiment in "static" bondage - bondage that is minimal yet severe in nature. The goal is to bind and restrain the model to the very limit of her ability to endure and then step back, let the clock tick and watch her suffer as long as she can bear it. There is no need for interaction. No need for distractions. Just the model slowly wearing down, sweat beading up and trickling down her body, muscle fatigue causing her limbs to shake at an ever increasing rate - her breathing becoming ragged as she struggles against her gag to swallow the spit that is beginning to pool in the throat and choke her.

Sometimes I think the interactive style of BDSM that has become increasingly popular in recent years is just interfering with the simple enjoyment of the bondage itself. It's not always necessary to tie up a woman and "do something" to her. Sometimes just tying her up is enough.

The first scene I more or less manage to accomplish my goal, but by the second, the pressure of the shoot causes me to forget my intentions and I fall back into spearing her with a dildo pole in one hand and vibrating her with the Hitachi in the other. I am curious to hear what the members will say; I await comments on the necessity of interaction in scenes.

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