Amber is back to DB for her second shoot. She says her first shoot was awesome, as she describes what happened. She is very enthusiastic about her upcoming live shoot as well as for the shoot today.

As we find Amber strapped and chained, as though caught in a spider's web, the sweat beads up on her face as she strains in her position. Drool runs out her gag and down her chest. She cries out when her tits, ass and pussy are flogged red, a look of deep focus on her face. Her body jerks with each blow. Amber's knees ache as they support all her weight. Her eyes show her serious concentration as her face is tortured with clover clamps and nose hooks. Double penetration with inflatable dildoes furrows Amber's brow as she struggles to endure her torments. The vibrator is her only relief, bringing a hazy look to her eyes when she comes and comes again.
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