Local Girl

Ky. A friend of a friend. She’s been hanging around, coming by where the staff drinks after work and dropping hints. She says she likes bondage and wants to do the site, so I say sure.

When she shows up a week later, I give her to Sarge to play with. He’s a barrel chested martial arts expert. I’ve always liked watching him manhandle women and toss them about.

Sarge picks her up, strips off her clothes, spanks her ass and straps her down. There’s no question he’s in control. He’s so in control it’s ridiculous. Viewing the scene makes me imagine a grizzly bear playing with a rag doll. He presses his thumbs into her pressure points causing her to gasp. He smacks her pussy and makes her squeal. He runs a chain through her crotch and pulls it up tight to the ceiling. Her eyes begin to glaze over. She’s in her own little world. I can tell this is everything she was hoping for for and way way more.

When it’s over, she’s exhausted, but I can tell she’ll be back for sure.
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