She sighs, her face on the floor, lying on her stomach with her arms folded behind her back in chains. Her legs straddle a wooden beam and toe cuffs bite into her skin, discouraging any movement.

cyd brings her a bowl of water. She laughs nervously, trying to break the tension. She doesn't believe he wants her to put her face in the bowl and drink like a dog. She barely laps up any, and gasps in surprise when cyd takes the bowl away and dumps the water on her head.

Fayth is new to bondage, having done only two shoots before. She admits she didn't even lose her virginity until three years ago, when she was 21. She even had notions of remaining a virgin until marriage. How much of a bondage slut can be made out of this seemingly pristine girl?

cyd wastes no time in cutting off her clothes, gagging her, and torturing her feet with a thin sharp wooden skewer. Fayth furrows her brow, breathing heavily as her heart beats faster and sweat starts to bead on her face. She starts to give in.

With her back strapped to the post, she is impaled on a cock and made to crouch spread-eagled. cyd flogs her breasts and makes Fayth fuck herself on the cock while the sound of her moaning becomes increasingly filled with pleasure. She explodes into orgasm when he brings out the vibrator, cursing under her breath while she rides the cock between her legs.

A leather hogtie and a machine fuck finish her off as she drools and moans through her gag.
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