Jade Marxxx loves bondage and has plenty of experience as a BDSM model. She is talkative and chipper during her interview, but even she admits she's nervous for her first Devicebondage shoot. As her mind races wondering what is in store for her, her words and thoughts tumble over each other and at one point she forgets who is being interviewed and begins asking cyd questions.

Strapped and chained into a squat, Jade's thighs burn, the balls of her feet are in agony as they strain in her high heels. Cyd gives her aching body a quick taste of relief with the vibrator pressed hard to her wet clit. It's just enough to keep her going before he tortures her flesh some more with a flogger and some nipple clamps. "Just think of the vibrator," he tells her. Soon she gets what she's been waiting for, and her gag-muffled shouts of "Oh my god!" fill the room as she comes hard.

Next she is spread eagle, bent forward with her face pressed against a post. Jade endures a good flogging and comes over and over and over again, her feet rising off the floor at times as her orgasms shake her body. Finally she has to beg for it to stop and her cunt drips everywhere. Later, spent and out of breath, she tells the crew that this was the hardest and best shoot she has ever done in her life.
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