It’s hot in the small room. The lights give off waves of heat, slowly and steadily raising the temperature. My clothes are starting to stick to me and she hasn’t arrived yet.

By the time she finally shows up, sweat is beginning to drip into my eyes. She introduces herself and we briefly negotiate. She blows her nose and sniffles. I ask her about it and she says she’s getting over a cold. She moves away and starts getting changed for the shoot. She makes small talk with some staff members. The conversation moves on to blowjobs somehow. She says she’s embarrassed to watch her own porn.

The shoot starts and I pick out equipment for the first scene. A collar, chain, manacles and metal bar to lock her body into a tight ball. A gag to make her drool. Tape with a rough, coarse surface to wrap around her fingers so wiping her nose will feel like sandpaper. A large mirror to make her look at herself while a thick dildo takes turns fucking her mouth and her cunt. She squirms in a mixture of humiliation, discomfort and arousal, and can’t resist when a vibrator is pressed against her clit. I let her orgasm once, then take the vibrator away.
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