A self-proclaimed painslut, Ariel X promises that she can take whatever is dished out. She says she loves intense orgasms and finds that when she comes in bondage it is especially good.

She learns that if she wants to come during this shoot, she’s going to have to earn it. Her knees are in agonizing in pain with both legs strapped tightly down to hard wooden boards. Her hands grasp at the air helplessly, cinched behind her back with tight leather straps. A pulley attached to her wrists provides little support for her upper body. Fulfilling her vow to take what is dished out to her, Ariel X endures intense spanking, flogging, foot torture, singletailing, and one uncomfortable position after another. It turns out she was telling the truth about how much she enjoys orgasms in bondage.

Later, when the ass hook tied to her hair, Ariel X begs to be let down. With a sadistic chuckle, cyd obliges. But these things come with a price and the girl soon finds herself gagging on a cock before it is buried in her pussy. Pair this with the vibrator and Ariel X's contorted body writhes in orgasm - the reward she has earned for her endurance.
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